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The Community Foundation of Lorain County is dedicated to enriching the lives of those living and working in Lorain County, Ohio.

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We are Here for Everyone

October 10, 2017
People have asked me some interesting questions since I announced my retirement after 19 years as CEO.  I want to answer one of the questions in my final CEO Blog.  “What do I love best about the Community Foundation of Lorain County?” We are here for Everyone!  

How could you not love an organization like this?

September 13, 2017
People have asked me some interesting questions since I announced my retirement after 19 years as CEO.  I want to answer one of the questions in my final CEO Blogs.  “What do I love best about the Community Foundation of Lorain County?”  It’s all about community!  

More than a Puzzle

August 9, 2017
Think of a number between 1 and 9. Multiply that number by 9. If the result is a two-digit number add the digits (11, 1+1 equals 2), if the result is a single number, use that number  

Happy Interdependence Day!

July 11, 2017
Each year we celebrate our Nation’s Independence with parades, picnics, and a heavy dose of fireworks.  Every day we celebrate the interdependence of the Community Foundation as a deeply connected community resource. We couldn’t endure and have impact any other way.  Community foundations, by design, are interdependent organizations.  We work closely with our donors who provide contributions and bequests that grow our assets and carry out their legacies through grants and initiatives.  

50 Ways to Leave Your Legacy

June 12, 2017
I clearly remember mowing the lawn in 1975, Sony Walkman in my pocket, humming along with Paul Simon as he crooned “50 Ways to Leave your Lover”. Yard work is NOT my idea of relaxation but this catchy toon made the job reasonably tolerable. As I was going through old files, I recently rediscovered an adaptation of the song from the early 2000s that has a much more positive message than abandoning someone you care about. I recall a reference to the Foundation for the Carolina’s but I don’t know the specific author.  Feel free to hum along.

Jim Doughman is Still Connecting People with Causes and Making the County a Better Place.

May 10, 2017
I’ve been doing a lot of reading and writing to prepare for a new CEO at the Community Foundation of Lorain County when I retire at the end of the year.  The research is very nostalgic, a little cathartic and just plain fun. A name that has come up often in the early history of the Foundation is Jim Doughman.  Jim was the Director of Public Relations at Nordson Corporation and was, in many cases, the community face of Nordson.  Jim touched virtually every nonprofit in the County and had his finger on the pulse of most every capital campaign, initiative, and project.  Jim could make things happen because he was trusted, trusted by Evan Nord, Eric Nord, and Jeptha Carrell and trusted by those with whom he worked.

A Game of Consequences

April 12, 2017
I have a love/hate relationship with the game MONOPOLY.  On those rare occasions when PARK PLACE and BOARDWALK are filled with my HOTELS I just know the game is mine for the winning.  But all too often I end up with a handful of properties with different colors and the game is nothing short of agonizing.  I’m sure you know the feeling and I’d ask you to just pause on those emotions – it’s important to the analogy I’m going to make.

To Every Season

March 15, 2017
I’m showing my age but “Turn, Turn, Turn” has been a favorite of mine since the Byrds released Pete Seeger’s classic in 1965.  Actually, my age and this song are the central points of this blog because, as you probably already have heard, I’m retiring as CEO of the Community Foundation of Lorain County at the end of the year.  

High Tech or High Touch… or Both?

February 15, 2017
Community Foundations struggle with similar realities as do any other good businesses. We need to employ smart and effective technology to keep our costs reasonable, our quality high, and our operations as efficient as possible. But we also aspire to personal interaction between our staff and those we serve. And we are wise enough to know that these two approaches are often at odds with each other, asking the question: should we be high tech OR high touch?

Looking Ahead in 2017

January 12, 2017
2017 promises to be a year of change, and that includes the year ahead for Lorain County and the Community Foundation. We at the Foundation are excited about several opportunities for innovation in how we can have an impact in Lorain County. Changes that will make us more accessible, viable, and in touch with the community.
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We believe the perpetuity of our efforts are linked to sustainable practices.

Through our efforts, the Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life and to instill a greater sense of unity in Lorain County.

We provide a permanent instrument for receiving and managing charitable gifts and bequests.

We value excellence, which we define as providing the best service to all.

We believe in purposeful and collaborative community leadership.

We exercise and promote leadership in meeting the changing needs and opportunities in the community.

We believe integrity is our greatest asset and value trust earned with fiscal responsibility, ethical stewardship, and transparency

We support innovative programs and act as a catalyst in identifying problems and sharing information with individuals, other foundations, and corporations.

We believe access to the CFLC should be fair, inclusive, and equitable.

We value integrity, which we define as always doing the right thing.

We work to mobilize individuals to become active partners in building a better community.

We believe strategy, creativity, and adaptability are keys to thriving in a constantly changing world.

We value community, which we define as putting self aside for the betterment of the whole.